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Brand Slogan

Welcome to EDCS


Essential Data Control Systems Inc. is your one stop solution for control and automation design, integration, implementation, upgrade, training, and maintenance. EDCS works closely with clients in performing needs assessments and developing systems with highly customized user experiences and back end data collection, reporting, and alarming. EDCS streamlines efficiencies and alleviates constraints whether on a core business or project basis. EDCS is an authorized Opto 22 Distributor, Trainer, and IoT Provider.


EDCS also offers its Critical Operations Oversight Program (COOP™), a real time remote monitoring/ alarming of critical systems and parameters tailored to client needs. COOP™ clients receive priority response 24/7/365 to identify and address potential critical system failures. COOP™ reduces downtime and saves dollars as problems can be addressed before they become catastrophes.

Developing Opportunities
For Your Business


EDCS utilizes its vast experience with complex integration and legacy systems to help customers effectively and efficiently solve needs, whether those needs involve development of new systems or upgrade or replacement of older inefficient systems. EDCS can be of assistance at any phase of your project- from design to implementation and operation. EDCS will work closely with your team to identify needs and offer the best options from the often overwhelming array of technology available.


EDCS consultants want to help identify constraints choking your productivity. EDCS applies a comprehensive, holistic, and systems approach to process improvement. From in the door to in the bank, EDCS can help identify and eliminate chokepoints that are preventing materials from becoming products and profits.

Delivering Solutions That
Drive Business Results


EDCS possesses the experience and flexibility to fulfill wide ranging needs of customers in various industries including Agriculture, Ranching, Horse Racing, Major League Sports, Municipalities, Mining, Banking, Food Processing, Energy Management, Entertainment & Attractions, Industry, and more. For instance, applications include control of, and data collection from, systems for irrigation and fertilization, drinking and waste water, hydroelectric power monitoring and alarm, chemical processes and extraction, HVAC, medical technology, loyalty programs, timing devices, surveillance, energy, and industrial processes.


EDCS also offers custom, intuitive user interface options, whether they be work station or mobile based. EDCS graphics and UX designers utilize the latest tools to create accurate, relevant, branded, efficient, and eye-pleasing graphics for your project.


Experience The Difference

President and CEO, Norm Freeman, has over 40 years of experience in development of microprocessor based control and information and process automation systems. EDCS has developed hardware and software for real world distributed control systems. EDCS also has a wide array of talent and experience in project management, graphic design, business management, and interactive marketing. Additionally, EDCS has real world experience with the mechanical applications of automation from use at its test facility.


Data That Matters

Data that is irrelevant, incorrect, or indecipherable does little to propel your business forward. In fact, it can be costly. EDCS can help you identify data that is meaningful and help you capture and utilize it in ways that matter to your business development and bottom line.


Competitive Advantage

EDCS is grounded in rigorous research and proven through decades of practical experience. Each is continually adapted to keep pace with the realities of a turbulent, changing world.


Satisfied Customers

Simply put, EDCS is proud of its personal approach to each customer. This approach has led to decade long relationships with clients in diverse fields.