Essential Data Control Systems, Inc.

Norm Freeman, President EDCS

    EDCS has been developing microprocessor based control and information automation systems since the late 1970's.  EDCS developed hardware and software that allowed rapidly evolving personal computers from Apple and IBM to be used for real world distributed control systems.  Those systems were highly customized and integrated front end user experiences with back end data collection and reporting.  EDCS also pioneered the use of Local Area Networks for automation and control systems.

    This front to back capability allowed EDCS to develop and bring to market products faster and more cost effectively than larger corporations.  As a result of this flexibility and ability to fulfill wide ranging needs of customers, EDCS rapidly began capturing high end clients in Agriculture, Ranching, Horse Racing, Major League Sports, Municipalities, Mining, Banking, and Industry.  For instance, applications include control of and data collection from systems for irrigation and fertilization, drinking and waste water, hydroelectric power monitoring and alarm, chemical processes and extraction, HVAC, medical technology, loyalty programs, timing devices, surveillance, photography, and industrial processes.

    EDCS also offers custom, intuitive user interface options, whether they be station or mobile based.  EDCS graphics designers utilize multiple tools to create accurate, relevant, branded and eye-pleasing graphics for your project.

    EDCS utilizes its vast experience with complex integration and legacy systems to help customers effectively and efficiently solve needs, whether those needs involve development of new systems or upgrade or replacement of older, inefficient systems.  EDCS can be of assistance at any phase of your project- from design to implementation and operation.  EDCS will work closely with your team to identify needs and offer the best options from the often overwhelming array of technology available.  EDCS offers 24/7 monitoring service programs.

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